Van Winkle Food

Kentucky flavours, comfort food and a refreshing cocktail, beer, bourbon or even a soft drink! You won’t go hungry and the selection is set to make your tastebuds tingle. You can check out the reviews on our Facebook page - or just search for us on Google. It doesn’t happen by accident either. We genuinely love the food we make and we go to the lengths of using an in-house smoker and grill to pull those flavours of Kentucky right across the Atlantic to Van Winkle.

Van Winkle Menus

Lunch Menu

Sandwiches, burgers and salads

The perfect antidote to midday hunger and at a reasonable price!

Available Monday - Friday, 12 - 5pm

Main Menu

Select from the BBQ pit, gorge on wings, mix and match with our wee plates (3 for £10) or make a handful with the best burgers around.

Christmas Bookings

We know a thing or two about throwing a party. Forget the traditional stuff, we’re all about great tasting food, and an awesome selection of drinks. Kick things off the Van Winkle way with a Pickle Back, and then feast on our home cooked American favourites.

Van Winkle Specials

Lunch Deal

Monday to Friday, our lunch dishes are only £6 each. Select from burgers, sandwiches and salads. Most days, these can be served and eaten within your lunch hour!

Available Mon - Fri, 12pm - 5pm

Wings Wednesdays

£12 per person… enjoy bottomless wings for 1.5 hours. Every time you clean your plate, we bring a fresh round. No sharing! Rules are on the dinner menu.

Available Wed, All Day