Van Winkle About Us


Van Winkle was started by three buddies that have worked together in the hospitality industry for many years. 

Having travelled across most of America, we have always been blown away by the quality that the States has to offer and whilst deciding what type of bar/restaurant we should try and make work, it was difficult to pin it down to just one thing! 

We love all that the States has to offer but when it came down to it, we were decisively indecisive! What was clear is that we absolutely love our pizzas and we absolutely love the meats we were making out of our smoker and from our pit, so we thought B*lls to it... Pizza + BBQ meats it is! 


Of course, having been to Kentucky and then being obsessed about Bourbon that one wasn't even a discussion!

So, Pizza + BBQ meats + Bourbon formed the base for pretty much everything on the menu.

Local Ingredients

We only use locally sourced ingredients and our aim is to bring real quality products, delivered by genuine people, in an atmosphere that allows you to drift and believe you are in the deepest parts of Kentucky!

Thanks for taking the time to check us out. We hope to see you in Van Winkle soon to sample the wares!